Icelandic Thermal Spa

Competition entry to design a new Thermal Spa in rural Iceland.

The proposal realises 8 individual guest accommodation pods organised off a central circulation route which acts as an intermediate space when transitioning between the accommodation and private access opposite, leading to an outdoor communal hot-tub. A shared kitchen, living & dining volume runs parallel to the bathing trough to continue the premise of the organisation of spaces around the central spine. This sense of enclosure forces the eye upwards to the central focus of the night sky, while the picture frame windows within the accommodation pods maximise the connection with the landscape.

The building concept has been approached to ensure a circular design philosophy so that the land entrusted to us as designers is in as good or a better position when is is handed back. The guest house philosophy has been designed to ensure that the building can be phased up or down scaled to suit the needs of the business over time. The choice of materials and building products has been driven with an intention

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