Welcombe Barn, Welcombe

Sensitive development of Barn to create family home and workshop

OCRA were approached by a family in Welcombe to help them convert an existing barn complex into a family home and leather workshop. The barns had previously been partially adapted with the upper floor of the main structure being converted to residential use a number of years ago, however the new owners wanted to convert the entire complex and remodel the existing upper floor area. Being sustainable was a key criteria for the family, both in terms of how we treated the original structure as well as the wider sustainable / ecological approach to the buildings, site and choice of materials. In addition the clients were keen to enable coliving within the scheme as this would future proof the house for elderly family or as children grow up.

OCRA approach was to undertake a number of concept sketches that tested the clients brief and looked at varying scale of intervention. This enabled us to test the desired number of rooms and uses that could be accommodated within the structure whilst making sure we celebrated the barns heritage feature and vaulted spaces where possible.

The final scheme developed a five bedroom scheme that utilsied the vaulted spaces on the upper floor to flood the rooms with natural light, introducing minimal new openings to provide more connection to the Welcombe landscape. On the ground floor we created an open plan space that introduced a number of new openings to improve access to the garden, and a games room in the smaller barn.

Services: Concept Design | Planning Drawings