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OCRA is a RIBA chartered practice and as such can offer a full range of architectural design services through your build. We realise the importance of being flexible to suit both your and the project’s specific requirements.

We split our work into the recognised RIBA stages from meeting you to help develop a brief and establish the viability of development, through surveys and architectural design onto planning applications and through to managing the build on site

Architectural design
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OCRA combines the best qualities of a small progressive studio with the experience and knowledge of a larger architectural practice to produce a design service that is innovative, cost effective and efficient. We have experience of working on rural, coastal and urban projects of varying scales and sectors and have developed strong working relationships across the design consultant team.

We always ask the question “how do you want to use the space” as we have found that this always creates a better project at the end, regardless if it is a grand design home, or a commercial scheme.

We like to work with people, as such we have both in house and external consultants that specialise in; lighting design, sustainable technologies, planning and furniture design. We also have established relationships with structural engineers, landscape architects and local contractors to help in developing and cost checking schemes.

Architectural Design / Planning / Onsite

As a RIBA charted practice we offer a full service in line with the recognised work stages of the project, from inception, concept design, planning, technical design (including building regulations) and onto site and completion.

We understand that not everyone will want all these architectural design services as such we offer a tailored service to suit each client's and project's needs.


Utilising CAD based information we can produce highly detailed exterior and interior visuals to support developers and planning consultants with their development proposals.

Detailed visuals can be utilised to advertise a development whilst still under construction or to provide additional information in support of a complex planning application.

We produce CGI and hand drawn visuals for use by our clients.

CGI work is usually structured in the following stages:

Stage 1 – Brief & Scope meeting
Stage 2 – 3D modelling of proposals
Stage 3 – Review of outline model
Stage 4 – Prepare final visuals

Good buildings come from good relationships

We like to talk, and as such offer a free initial consultation to talk through the potential opportunities for the site. From here we can give you an understanding of how we would approach the project and architectural design. Building a good relationship between us and our clients is critical to our design philosophy as we want to architectural design a building that fits the brief and be invited to the opening!

We understand that your time is important, and as such we arrange a time that works for you. Many of our clients are based in the south east so we are happy to fit in to suit, with our initial meetings lasting for around an hour and can be held in the evenings or weekends.

Architectural design
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