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Virtual reality walk through in conference calls

We have been fortunate that we are well versed in video conference calls for a number of years at OCRA as we are lucky to work with clients from around the country but with the recent Covid-19 outbreak this has now become a necessity for all our clients. Although this has taken a little getting use to for some, we hope that the calls are working well for our clients and enabling us to keep in contact and to show progress on the projects in the office.

In a first for the practice we undertook and initial site assessment via video call and with the clients help walked around their house to enable us to see the layout and propose some initial ideas on how the house could be reorganized and extended to address the clients concerns. Obviously we will need to review these once we are able to get a measured survey completed but this approach enabled us to have a useful conversation with the client and meant that as a team we could talk through the aspirations and viability of the client brief.

The video is from a call we had with our clients from Lyme regis where we were able to walk them through a draft VR model of their house. The model is controlled by the client so they are able to look into all the rooms and talk about finishes, lighting and layout on the call.

If you would like to give us a call to undertake one of our virtual assessments please contact us.